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Just back: Australia

Updated: 4 days ago

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I’m just back from five weeks in Australia, where I drove around Tasmania and 3,000km along the coast of Western Australia with my wife and baby. Our trip was cut short due to the escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid closure of domestic and international borders, which became apparent while we were driving a campervan through a remote part of Western Australia. Racing back through night and day, by the time we reached Perth, most international routes had been closed. But we finally managed to return to the UK via Sydney and Kuala Lumpur through eerily quiet airports – although many others didn’t, including gap years kids and families who’ve spent most of their savings on cancelled flights. These are uncertain and difficult times, during which we’ll need to look out for one another – particularly the most vulnerable in society. Hopefully, we’ll come out the other end a little kinder. Until then, stay safe.

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