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My top 18 highlights from the 2010s

Updated: May 26

It's been a busy decade! As we say farewell to the 2010s, here are some of my personal and professional highlights.

1. Representing refugees escaping conflict and persecution in countries such as Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Pakistan in UK courts and tribunals.

2. Leading camels 1,600km across Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, becoming the youngest Briton to cross the Gobi Desert on foot.

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3. Travelling from Mongolia’s southern border with China to near its northern border with Russia by horse, road and rail.

4. Travelling in a loop by bicycle, boat and hitch hiking through the jungles of rural northern Laos (and getting engaged along the way).

5. Living with the Kazakh eagle hunters of northwest Mongolia.

6. Being published as a contributing author to two travel books – Mongolia: the Bradt Travel Guide (3rd ed.) and The Kindness of Strangers: Travel Stories That Make Your Heart Grow.

7. Speaking at Oxford University, the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Society for Asian Affairs and many more.

8. Getting married in the South of France.

9. Completing a Master's in Migration Studies at Oxford University.

10. Driving 3,000km through Namibia.

11. Becoming a UN lawyer, and advising the Government of Mongolia on reforms to its labour and human rights laws.

12. Living in Mongolia, Bermuda, Thailand, Paris and London.

13. Cycling through Thailand.

14. Becoming a trustee of Coalition Peace, a charity developing tech to make peacebuilding resources available to local NGOs, communities and peace initiatives in Africa.

15. Advising the UK Government on EU law, including novel legal issues relating to Brexit.

16. Representing the UK as an agent in cases at the European Court of Justice.

17. Climbing the Tien Shan in Kyrgyzstan.

18. Becoming a father.

Here's to the next 10 years!

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