• Faraz Shibli

Steppes and the city: a journey through Mongolia

Updated: Aug 5

To kick off the New Year, I'll be speaking to the Cambridge University Geographical Society on Friday 24 January about my expeditions in Mongolia and what lies on the horizon for the 'Land of Eternal Blue Sky'.

Here's the blurb for my lecture:

From the pastoral nomadism of the steppe to the urban slums of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is a country in transition, where herders and mining executives, yurts and skyscrapers, tradition and modernity all coexist – often uncomfortably. In this talk, Faraz will describe his expeditions in the countryside – in particular his two-month crossing of the Gobi Desert – and draw on his experiences as a UN lawyer in the capital to illustrate some of the lesser-known sides of the Land of Eternal Blue Sky.

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