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A practising barrister, Faraz is a confident and highly experienced public speaker. He fills his stories with vivid, colourful descriptions, fascinating trivia and amusing anecdotes, all illustrated with beautiful photographs and videos. He has spoken at venues including Oxford University, Cambridge University, the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Society for Asian Affairs.

Faraz is available to speak at events and to organisations, including businesses, schools and charities, in a variety of formats, such as lectures, after-dinner speeches, panel discussions and video calls. Topics include:​

  • travel, adventure and exploration

  • leadership

  • teamwork

  • motivation

  • living adventurously

  • overcoming adversity

  • the kindness of strangers


Faraz's lecture to the Royal Geographical Society, London, entitled Outer Mongolia: the last place on Earth.

Faraz’s excellent talk was much appreciated by all attendees and presented a unique perspective on Mongolia, given his work in the country and human rights in particular. His accessible narrative, delivered with the aplomb of a barrister, made it fascinating for all.

Royal Geographical Society, Hong Kong

Faraz captivated us all with his tales of crossing the Gobi Desert, leading us on a journey through one of the remotest corners of the world. He left us wanting to hear more and inspired us to take on our own adventures.

Oxford University Exploration Club

Faraz was a thoroughly captivating after-dinner speaker, transporting us from the refined setting of the Royal Automobile Club in London to his somewhat less comfortable 1,600km trek across the Gobi Desert and some of its rather special challenges.

Society of Property Researchers

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